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FIC Patron 8

Part 8 of Patron

Shuuichi was still beside him when he woke up the next morning, early enough that he would be able to please his Patron before he had to go to school, Youko thought. Youko bit his lip, debating the merits of waking Shuuichi with a blow job, on one hand it could be seen as presumptuous of him, but on the other hand Shuuichi didn’t set an alarm the night before, and waking him that way would at least please him a bit, he hoped. Anyway, he could feel that his Patron was semi-hard against his hip already, most males got like that as they were about to wake, even demons.

He slowly wriggled out of his master’s now loose grasp, sliding beneath the sheets and down Shuuichi’s body until he could take him into his mouth. For a while he was allowed to work on his master undisturbed, pulling back occasionally, or shifting his attention to the balls, rather than the penis itself, but eventually Shuuichi seemed to wake up, and took control of the blow job, grabbing on to his hair and forcing him to a faster pace to bring him to climax as swiftly as possible.

“Now, why did you do that pet?” The hand that had been controlling his head by a grip on his hair switched to almost idly stroking his hair, and Youko shut his eyes to luxuriate in that as he answered, head resting against Shuuichi’s thigh.

“You have school today Shuuichi-sama, and no alarm. And isn’t this a nicer way to wake up Shuuichi-sama?”

“Oh, definitely.” Shuuichi laughed as he replied, gently pushing Youko away from him. “What time is it anyway?” Youko didn’t reply, he knew it was a rhetorical question as he watched Shuuichi getting up. Youko pulled the sheets around him into a little nest, where he could curl up, warm and comfortable, as he watched Shuuichi check his uniform and schoolbag before dressing.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Shuuichi was laughing, so he wasn’t angry when he pulled Youko out of his nest and onto the tatami. “If I have to get up so do you. Now come and shower with me.”

“As you wish Shuuichi-sama.” Youko picked a couple of hair sticks for each of them from the top of the clothes chest at the end of his futon, twisting first his Patron’s hair and then his own up and securing it with two of the sticks, so it would be out of the way. He’d expected to be instructed to bathe his Patron, but instead Shuuichi-sama positioned him facing the shower wall, hands pressed to it, legs just far enough apart to give his master easy access and began to wash Youko himself. Shuuichi’s hands lingered, and teased, but they never built his arousal enough to get him more than half erect, and he whined a little as he realised what his master was doing. Was this to be additional punishment for letting Botan see him in a state of undress?

“I don’t want you to masturbate at all today, or to relieve yourself with Asuka. I’ll take you to bed tonight, after I have a word with Koenma about what Botan suggested. Now turn around and wash me.”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama.” He didn’t think this was a punishment after all, just one of the games that Patrons liked to play, a way to emphasise his power over Youko. He began the process of washing his master, trying to make it as seductive as his Patron had, but Shuuichi grabbed hold of his wrists in a near bruising grip.

“Don’t tease pet. I want you to do this quickly, efficiently, and without trying to seduce me. I’m not going to fuck you before I go to school, or let you pleasure me in any other way.” Then the grip relaxed, and he seemed to be less displeased as he pulled Youko in close for a kiss on the forehead. “If I let you do that then I wouldn’t think of anything else all day, and it would hardly let me get much work done, now would it my pet?”

“No Shuuichi-sama, it wouldn’t.” Youko’s voice was breathy with an unexpected arousal. He hadn’t consciously realised until now how much he’d come to automatically wear human form, and to see it as almost natural in the fifteen years he’d spent in Shuuichi’s body, even if he had been hidden away inside Shuuichi’s mind. But being held against his master like this, no taller or more muscular than he brought it home to him. It was flattering to know that if he pleasured Shuuichi now his Patron thought it would distract him all day and he began washing his master again, working more swiftly now, still taking care not to hurt him, but no longer attempting to arouse or incite desire.

When he dried his Patron off after they got out of the shower it was equally efficient and impersonal, but Shuuichi made a point of teasing him to a low level of arousal again. Then when he dropped the towel and guided him through to their bedroom Youko wanted to scream. Shuuichi didn’t seem to want to dress just yet, instead scrutinising his clothes.

“Wear this today.” His Patron had chosen the dark red yukata, but instead of the black obi Youko normally wore with it he was holding out the amber obi he normally wore with his amber yukata.

“As you wish Shuuichi-sama.” He took the clothes his master was holding out to him, and dressed as enticingly as he could, a form of reverse strip-tease. It looked as if it was working from the way Shuuichi caught his breath, but his master’s self-control was incredible to his mind, and he just turned away and got dressed himself.

“Do you want me to take you with me when I talk to Koenma?” It was a casual offer, something that Shuuichi obviously didn’t think twice about making, but Youko just didn’t know how to see it. Did his Patron want him along because they would be discussing his life, and he’d be the one playing bait? Or was it just another way to display his ownership of Youko?

“Can I contribute anything Shuuichi-sama?”

“I doubt it, but it will mean I don’t have to pass the information on to you, whatever we decide, you’ll hear it directly.” Better than nothing he supposed.

“Then please, yes, Shuuichi-sama.”

“I’ll pick you up from Genkai-shihan’s temple after school then.”


Youko wasn’t entirely clear on how Shuuichi had persuaded Botan to take them both to visit Koenma, but he was sure that he didn’t really want to be, since his Patron was probably better at manipulating people than he was, even if he was more vulnerable to blackmail. She didn’t look happy about it anyway so he wasn’t going to cause trouble by asking questions. It felt as if she was trying to make them fall off the oar as they rode to the Reikai, Botan always indulged in aerial acrobatics, but he was sure they weren’t normally as extreme as they were this time when she had passengers.

‘Why did you bother doing it this way Shuuichi-sama? We got to the Reikai without her help before...when you teamed up with Hiei and that piece of trash to steal the Mirror of Utmost Darkness to save Kaasan, and the other two Artefacts to keep them happy.’

‘And Koenma’s never actually pressed me on how we got in. It was easier to ask for a formal interview, and it guarantees he’ll see us when we get there. It also lets me get a little bit of revenge on Botan for looking at you.’ Youko knew that if the ferry girl in question looked at him now she’d see how he was blushing. He’d been punished himself for stripping to get rid of her, but he hadn’t expected Shuuichi to decide to punish her as well. It was flattering in a weird way. But still...

‘I don’t understand Shuuichi-sama. How is this revenge on her?’

‘It embarrasses her, and I told Koenma that if he’d told her to show more sensitivity to Makai law, I’d have been willing to discuss this matter with her, but since I couldn’t trust her not to try and take advantage of my concubine I had to deal with him directly.’ That made sense in a weird way. Botan was pretty devoted to Koenma, and if he was put to extra trouble because of her failure she’d be hurting emotionally, especially since Shuuichi had blamed Koenma for her screw up. His words as described had been far more kitsune than Japanese. It was things like this that reminded Youko that his Patron was probably a sadist.

“We’re here. Get off.” Botan’s pain showed in her uncharacteristically curt order. Youko obeyed, eyes cast down appropriately, but Shuuichi smirked at her as he climbed off the oar. “You know the way yourselves.”

“Yes, of course Botan. If you’re certain you won’t be neglecting your duty by leaving us to get to Koenma without an escort.” Youko really didn’t like how cruelly Shuuichi was twisting the knife in Botan’s emotional vulnerabilities, but there was nothing he could do about it, except step a little closer to his Patron, and distract him with thinly hidden fear. Shuuichi might be used to coming here for business, but Youko would never have willingly set foot here before his death without a lot more in the way of precautions - and if he had he’d have been trying to keep from being noticed then.

“I’m not just supposed to provide ferry service for you lot.” Botan scowled, and then just left, Shuuichi laughed out loud at that, and pulled Youko close to his body, kissing his forehead then leading him through to speak with Koenma.

“Minamino Shuuichi, Youko Kurama.” Koenma was wearing his teenage form, Youko wasn’t sure exactly why, but he supposed it didn’t really matter. “Don’t you want to find out who was behind separating you and turning Youko into a concubine?”

“I want to make sure no one has the chance to take my concubine away from me, yes. If finding out who tried to steal him will help do that then yes I want to find out, so I can kill them. But I make the decisions for the both of us, you should know that, I’m sure you’ve studied Makai law enough to be aware of it. And I don’t appreciate efforts to subvert my desires when it comes to Youko.” Shuuichi didn’t sound angry, he spoke calmly, and everything he said sounded perfectly logical, to Youko anyway, he wasn’t entirely certain Koenma saw things the same way.

“Did you order him to suppress his demon energy then?”

“I didn’t need to. It’s part of passing for human. wanted him to act as bait. Well, the apartment I keep my concubines in wasn’t warded until Botan’s visit, but no one went after him there. Are you certain they’ll be persistent, since they appear to have almost forgotten about him?”

“We don’t have any leads if they aren’t persistent Shuuichi. But we’ve had some reports about the gang we suspect is responsible for this, who have targeted and managed to enslave other unusually high power demons, using tactics similar to the ones used on you two.”

“And they managed to persuade enough D to C class demons to die in capturing each of these B to A class demons?”

“Yes, although we aren’t clear on how, and we never actually catch any of their actions between capturing the demons, and finding them in some Makai lord’s harem.” Not that the Reikai would care if it wasn’t for the decision to target him Youko reflected bitterly.

“How long have you been monitoring this?” Youko watched from his position cradled against Shuuichi’s chest, observing Koenma’s controlled anger at being questioned like that.

“About six months. We didn’t have the sort of team we needed to deal with this until now, or any way to get at them.” Shuuichi seemed to find that explanation acceptable, to Youko’s relief...being in the middle of an argument between the two of them wouldn’t be fun. Koenma was a lot more powerful than he was, more powerful even than an S-class superior, and he was incapable of even defending himself from Shuuichi.

“Very well. On scheduled trips he’ll let his demon energy show, but I want the ability to monitor your tracking device as well. I don’t need it, I can track him without it. But I want that option as well, in case someone manages to block our bond.”

“Agreed. On what schedule?”

“I don’t want my mother put at risk, and when he’s with me I don’t think they’ll go after him, so...Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays when he goes to and from Genkai-shihan’s temple, and on Wednesdays, on his way to and from his Ikebana lessons. He’ll suppress his demon energy when he’s actually at the lessons. You can send someone to pick up what those times are.”

“Very well. Botan will take you back to wherever you wish.”


There hadn’t really been any point to Youko attending Shuuichi’s meeting with Koenma, other than Koenma’s greeting they’d both ignored him, but he wasn’t going to say anything like that to Shuuichi. He was grateful to be back at home, where he felt safe, even if they hadn’t warded it yet and he stepped away from his Patron’s loose embrace, testing his reaction. When his master didn’t seem to be angry he decided to risk bringing up the issue of the wards, carefully moving out of Shuuichi’s immediate reach. Not that he wouldn’t be able to hurt Youko from a distance, but he’d found that his Patron’s hurt him less if they had to use their powers, or otherwise think even a little to do so.

“Shuuichi-sama, we were careless, to neglect our wards here.” He didn’t dare to look directly at Shuuichi, keeping his eyes to the floor, and looking at him from beneath lowered lashes Youko reached for the sense of his Sunstars and Flamehearts to reassure himself - falsely he knew, but he needed that reassurance.

“Yes, we were. It is mostly my fault, as your Patron it is my duty to see to it that you are safe, but under the circumstances I think you should have said something to me when you realised I’d forgotten.”

“I forgot as well Shuuichi-sama.” If his Patron was admitting to fault so readily it would be best if Youko confessed to sharing that fault. “And after all, why should you make more effort to protect me than you did Kaasan? She was safe enough without the need for wards was she not?”

“We thought so before, but I’ve already made the plants in our garden into more effective wards, and added some Makai plants for the same reason. I wish I could actually cast spells to make the other, more traditional, type of wards, but it isn’t worth the risk of bringing someone who can cast spells here, or to do the same for Kaasan.”

“What about Genkai-shihan?”

“She has the ability, but I don’t think she has the power reserves. Yuusuke certainly has the pure power, but he doesn’t have the skill.” Kuwabara might have the power too, but again he didn’t have the skill, and he certainly wasn’t as powerful as Yuusuke. Hiei and Yukina both had power too strongly based in their elements for that to be any good. And there was no one else trustworthy enough for this.

“Well, the Sunstars and Flamehearts can be set to do double duty as wards...” Youko began planning aloud, hoping that it was what Shuuichi wanted of him.

“Yes, and we can add some carnivorous plants, from the human world if not the Makai, and the Aura vines as well.”

“Do we have the seeds for human carnivorous plants Shuuichi-sama?” He’d never used that type of plant from the human world before he’d died, and he didn’t remember getting those seeds since.

“Here, I got them before I met Botan.” He pulled a few packets of seeds out of his pocket and handed them over to Youko. “I’d rather not used Makai carnivorous plants, because they’d be too aggressive.” They probably would, but Youko was surprised that his Patron was bothering to explain himself to him. “I’ve got another idea that I ran by Asuka, adding illusions to the wards, and tying them to the plants. So, since you’ve got the larger power reserve I want you to prepare the more standard wards, while I add in the illusions.”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama.” It shouldn’t have meant so much to him that his Patron judged him capable of this very simple task, but Shuuichi’s swift mastery of all his skills, constant improvement and upgrading, and the way he managed to gain two tails in half the best time it had taken Youko to gain one had done a number on his self-confidence. He glanced through the seeds, identifying them all before deciding where it would be best to place each of them. He’d have rather been permitted time to work on his plan for how to prepare these wards, but he didn’t think Shuuichi would permit that so he worked it out as he went along. And throughout his efforts he could feel his Patron’s energy working alongside his own in an oddly complimentary way - oddly because it wasn’t something he’d ever tried before, and because of the use he was putting that familiar energy to.

By the time they were finished Asuka had returned, and cooked a meal for them, something they could just heat back up, since it had gone cold between her cooking it, and their finishing it.

“You did well my pet.” Shuuichi-sama stroked his hair gently as he complimented Youko, and he preened under his Patron’s touch. “Here.” It was a platinum ring, set with a ruby surrounded by diamonds, and Youko blushed faintly as he put it on.

“D-did you feel the need to reward Asuka, for helping you plan how to add illusions to the wards Shuuichi-sama?” As highly as he thought of his master’s skills he wasn’t entirely certain even he could have come up with that all alone.

“Yes. She got a gold ring set with a garnet and amethysts. Now come to bed with me.” Youko obeyed, following Shuuichi into his bedroom, and wondering what he had planned this time, since he could sense some unusual emotions coming from his Patron. The encounter went normally, right up until they were undressed, Shuuichi taking the lead, and undressing the both of them, but then things changed. Shuuichi pulled Youko down onto his futon, and somehow the silver kitsune found himself on top - and Shuuichi didn’t seem angry about it.

‘I want you to take me this time my pet. I’m sure you know how to make it pleasing for me.’ The added intimacy of Shuuichi speaking directly into his mind when he gave those instructions made Youko shiver with desire. He prepared his Patron with his tongue and fingers, and used the nectar Shuuichi selected for lubrication, but when he entered his Patron it took all his control not to climax immediately, and he froze long enough to calm himself. Eventually he felt ready to start moving again, keeping it torturously slow for him, and bringing Shuuichi to climax before even thinking about climaxing himself.


For the second day in a row Youko woke up with Shuuichi beside him, embracing him, his arousal pressed against Youko’s ass, and he luxuriated in it. He was sure that the way his master had allowed him to take him last night had been some sort of turning point for them, but he couldn’t say why. Still he kept on flashing back to the moment he first felt his Patron lying beneath him, legs spread wide open and accessible, that and the feeling of his master climaxing while he was inside him. It had been wonderful to know that his Patron trusted him with his body the way Youko trusted Shuichi with his, even if it was just a one-off thing, as it almost had to be, and now he was likely to get to spend most of the day with him as well.

Shuuichi let go of him, and rolled over onto his back and Youko took that as a sign. Until last night Shuuichi had always been in total control when they were in bed, and so he’d never dared suggest anything else, but he’d opened the doorway for another option now, and Youko was willing to risk being punished for what he wanted to do. They hadn’t bothered to revert the plant that had provided lubrication to a seed last night, and he gathered enough of the nectar to prepare himself, stretching his opening to receive his Patron. He shivered slightly thinking of the possible consequences if he’d guessed wrong then straddled Shuuichi and sank down to impale himself upon his Patron’s erection.

It was only a few seconds later that his master woke up, grabbing hold of Youko at the hips and looking up at him with a cruel smile on his lips.

“What are you doing my pet?”

“I wanted to ride you Shuuichi-sama.” He refused to cower under that gaze, if he had any hope of not being punished it lay in acting confidently, as if he hadn’t done anything wrong. And...previous Patrons had enjoyed having him wake them with sex.

“Then ride me.” He lay back and laughed as Youko returned to his self-imposed task, moving for his master’s pleasure, and taking his own in the process. He loved feeling Shuuichi inside him, more than he’d enjoyed taking him, even though it had been an incredible experience, and a rare treat, but the chance to actually set the pace and control things like this was intoxicating. Still, Shuuichi did tire of the pace he set eventually, finding it too slow apparently, and took hold of his hips again, then lifting him and forcing him to move in the new rhythm he was setting. Shuuichi let his hands fall away as Youko began taking up this new rhythm himself, and Youko hoped he’d be satisfied with that. For a while he was, especially as it occurred to Youko to touch him as well, hands roaming his chest, and gently tweaking his hardened nipples. The moans he got from that were encouraging to say the least, and he became near totally absorbed in trying to get different types of moans, almost forgetting to keep the right rhythm.

“Enough!” And Shuuichi pulled him down and rolled them over so that he was on top. Youko wrapped his legs around his master’s waist and submitted as he pounded into him, wrapping a hand around Youko’s own aching erection after he’d come himself, and finishing him off with a few strokes. Then Shuuichi pulled out and stood, pulling Youko to his feet too. Youko shivered in pleasure as he was held close to Shuuichi for a deep, dominating kiss. They could kiss for longer than humans could, but even they had to stop eventually to catch their breath.

“Let’s shower. I’ll need to borrow some of your clothes as well. The Western style ones I think.”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama, but you wish me to dress traditionally?”

“You look better like that.” He frowned, tilting his head to one side before continuing. “Is there a reason you stay in human form most of the time?”

“Is there a reason you do the same Shuuichi-sama?” Youko watched his master carefully for signs of anger at his almost flippant response before finishing his thoughts. “I just got used to it in the last fifteen years, and since I have to look human outside of here I just don’t think to return to my humanoid form when I’m here. It isn’t as if it’s a strain to look human.”

“No, it isn’t. Of course it’s also easier to use homes designed for humans in their form, although our height in humanoid form is within the limits of human variation.” He laughed and led Youko to the bathroom, and into the shower. “And you look good as a human, just as good as you do in your humanoid form.”

“Thank you Shuuichi-sama.” Youko began the process of washing his Patron’s body, not trying to tempt him particularly, but not making any effort to keep from arousing him either. “And you are equally beautiful in both your forms, and far stronger of will than I.” It had always been true, even when Shuuichi-sama was an unborn babe.

“But you are more exotic, and your colouring marks you as special among kitsune. Mine doesn’t, not really.” The most common kitsune were the brown, with red and black kitsune equally rare, or common, depending on how you looked at it, silver were truly rare, happening perhaps once every five hundred years or so, while golden kitsune were rarest of all. The last golden kitsune, who’d died in the massacre of Youko’s clan, had been a six-tail, albeit one who almost never showed off his abilities, and had never met, or even heard of another with his colouring in all his 3000 years. Still...

“Your colouring isn’t anything like the orange shade most red kitsune have.” That made Shuuichi laugh, and start grooming Youko.


“Kuwabara, would you mind sparring with Youko for an hour?” Asuka watched in faint envy as her Patron arranged for his favourite concubine to train with the tall human, before turning to Genkai-shihan to ask her what she was supposed to be doing now.

“You want to train with your Patron don’t you Vixen?”

“Yes Genkai-shihan, but you are training me in my element, so it is your decision what I do.” She was here every day, while the Reikai Tantei only came to train together once a week - although as Genkai-shihan’s heir Yuusuke came to train more often than that.

“Dimwit, spar with Hiei. You can spar with the Fox.”

“Thank you Genkai-shihan.”

“No ki, just weapons.” Asuka bit her lip, thinking about what her Patron’s order implied. It would put her on slightly more equal ground with him, since his weapon was something called a shakujou he’d commissioned and only just received, but she was very out of practice. “What sort of weapons are you trained in?”

“I was trained to use a sword, a light sword, and straight, that was what...felt right.” And looking at Kuwabara’s Reiken she had an idea about why it had felt right. Genkai-shihan had hinted that she might be able to form a weapon from her element, and she’d read about coherent light - laser they called it - in the research she’d done.

“Ah. Genkai-shihan, do you have something she can use until I order her a sword of her own?” Asuka gasped faintly at the idea, it was incredibly generous, and generally Patrons didn’t bother to arm their concubines. “You won’t get it immediately, it will be your reward either when I’ve completely mastered everything a four-tail’s supposed to be able to do, or when Youko’s mastered shapeshifting, depending on when it’s ready.”

“Th-thank you Shuuichi-sama.” She stumbled over expressing her gratitude, but that didn’t seem to bother him, and he smiled up at her. Genkai-shihan snorted at them.

“Come with me Vixen, and we’ll find a sword.” She followed the old warrior into the temple, still dazed by what her Patron had promised her. But she snapped out of it when she saw the armoury Genkai-shihan had hidden.

“How many weapons do you need?” It slipped out before she had the chance to mentally censor it, but the woman didn’t seem angry, just mournful.

“They aren’t all, or even mostly mine. Some belonged to friends who died, or a lover who I had to part with. And there are some from my students, students I’ve outlived, or who’ve outgrown the need for physical weapons.” She seemed to shake herself mentally. “Pick whichever sword you like.”

“Yes Genkai-shihan.” Asuka obediently walked into the armoury and worked her way through the swords, picking up each of them, and starting a kata to decide whether or not it had the right weight or balance for her. She went in with the assumption that any sword in the armoury had to be at least serviceable, and tried five swords before she found the right one. “Might I use this sword for now Genkai-shihan?”

“It belonged to another student of mine before you, yes you may use it.”

“Thank you Genkai-shihan.” Asuka was very sensible of the honour the human was doing her in naming Asuka her student, even so indirectly. She hadn’t done well enough in the initial tests to be worth training, were it not for her unusual elemental gift, and she wasn’t learning very fast, not as fast as Shuuichi-sama learned what she could teach him. “You honour me greatly.”

Genkai-shihan just snorted and turned away, signalling that the conversation was over and Asuka followed her back to where her Patron was waiting to spar with her.

By the end of the hour she spent sparring with Shuuichi-sama she was near exhausted. The shakujou was totally unpredictable, and the only reason she’d been on anything even vaguely approaching even terms with him was that he didn’t seem to be much more familiar with its properties, its strengths and limitations, than she was. A few times she’d been able to sense that he was as surprised by something he did with his weapon as she was, and it had only been a good surprise once.

“Enough.” Shuuichi-sama called a halt to their sparring when he cut her dangerously close to a vital area. “Kuwabara, Youko, break it off.”

“Dimwit, Hiei you too.”

“I can practise some more Old Hag.” Yuusuke sounded half grumpy, half insulted, Hiei on the other hand just grunted and had the sense not to protest a rest break.

“Yes, but could I steal your opponent. I’d like to spar with someone I’m less likely to hurt than Asuka. She doesn’t have as much stamina as we do. You can have Kuwabara instead, if you want him. Youko’s spent long enough training in human form, he’s allowed to go and play in the woods now...after he’s seen to Asuka’s injury. It isn’t severe enough to warrant asking Yukina to do anything.”

“Let me judge that. She is my pupil, and Yukina is my ward.”

“Yes Genkai-shihan.” Shuuichi-sama easily yielded to the human as she came down to inspect Asuka’s injury. She passed a hand over it, pouring some ki in, then nodded.

“Go ahead Youko, your techniques will do the job.” Youko obeyed swiftly, not even trying to conceal his eagerness to go and play in his fox form, while Asuka worked to hide and suppress her own desire to do the same. Not very successfully she had to conclude when Genkai-shihan laughed. “You’ve earned a bit of a break I certainly applied yourself more than the Dimwit does. Go ahead and run about in your other shape.”

“Thank you Genkai-shihan.” And she left before she could change her mind.


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