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FIC Patron 6

And since I only just realised when I was putting this part up.

Title: Patron
Author: jessara40k
Rating: Somewhere between R and NC-17 at a guess
Category: No idea, you can tell me if you want
Summary: Shuuichi and Youko both exist in Shuuichi's bodies, they are lovers of sorts in their dreams, and are separated, but as a side effect of the spell used one of them ends up as the other's sex slave.
Notes/Warnings: Rape, slavery, bondage, lots of issues of consent, mention of torture

“Do you want Akari to visit you on fixed days every week, or would you prefer to make arrangements on a week to week basis Kaasan?” Youko knew that he’d succeeded in his task when he heard Shuuichi make the polite inquiry to his mother as they were preparing to leave. “And do you want Asuka to visit as well?” It was obvious that he only made the last offer from duty, and Youko selfishly hoped that Shiori-sama refused it. His mother was very important to Shuuichi, and her favour would count for a lot in harem politics, even if it was a small harem, he didn’t want to have to deal with the politics any more than he had to, even if he half thought the manoeuvrings he was seeing were mostly in his head, from paranoia.

“Why are you trying to make these arrangements Shuuichi? Shouldn’t it be something I settle with Akari-chan and Asuka themselves?”

“Not usually. They’re my concubines, I’m being unusually generous by Makai standards by not just locking them up somewhere no one will be able to get to them. It’s my duty to protect them, and that’s a lot easier if I know where they are.” That made perfect sense to Youko, but not apparently to Shiori-sama.

“Shuuichi, you will not try to control my social life.”

“The other thing is, if you want to make arrangements as you go, you’ll have to make them in advance, because Asuka is studying with Genkai-shihan, and Akari is teaching basic self-defence to Genkai-shihan’s ward Yukina.” And that was a good way to distract her.

“I thought Genkai-shihan was an expert martial artist, and you said she used to be a well-known demon slayer, so why does it have to be Akari teaching Yukina to defend herself?”

“Genkai-shihan doesn’t really need another student starting from scratch, and Yukina can defend herself using ki, it’s just she wanted to improve her strength as well. Besides, Genkai-shihan can’t teach Yukina how to cook Makai recipes, and that’s the other thing Akari’s teaching her.”

“Ah, I see. Then fixed days would probably work better as a rule, I’ll ring Akari-chan and tell her when, if you’ll give me the phone number?” Youko could tell that his Patron was blushing and he watched from below lowered lashes, enjoying the rare sight.

“I don’t actually know what the phone number is, but we can find out, and then Akari can ring you with it. As long as I know what days she’ll be visiting you Kaasan, and if Asuka will be doing the same that’s all I need to know, I guess.” So Shiori-sama could reduce their master to babbling - not a surprise actually, but useful information nonetheless. “I’d like to get them home, so do you want Asuka to visit?”

“Not really. I want you back home by ten mind.” That wouldn’t give Shuuichi more than two hours with them, at best, since it took at least half an hour to walk from his house to their apartment.

“Yes Kaasan.” But Shuuichi had made such a point of being the dutiful son to make his mother happy that he couldn’t say anything else, Youko knew that.

Asuka went to her bedroom nice and quietly, without making an issue of it, without even making their Patron tell her to make herself scarce. It was wasted effort since Shuuichi dragged Youko to his own bedroom and lounged on the futon, watching him.

“Undress for me, and make it good.”

“Might I put some music on Shuuichi-sama?” This was the first time Shuuichi was treating him like a concubine and allowing him to put his skills to use in the waking world as opposed to just pinning him and taking him however he wanted, he’d been permitted to do this sort of thing in the dreamscape, but not in the waking world.

“Go ahead.” Shuuichi sounded amused, and that was a good thing, a very good thing. Youko found a song that had the strong beat he needed to do this properly, but that was also slow and sensual enough to inflame his master’s senses, and his own. He undressed slowly and teasingly, keeping a careful eye on his Patron’s reactions, and increasing his pace when he seemed to be losing patience. Finally, when the only things left of his carefully constructed illusion for Shiori-sama were his elegant hairstyle and subtle make-up, he came and knelt in front of his Patron.

“I want you to wrap those pretty painted lips around my dick and suck me until I come...can you do that my pet?” The unexpected crudity from the ever elegant Shuuichi was unnervingly arousing, Youko could only nod, and he immediately began obeying, opening Shuuichi’s pants to get access, and swallowing him without bothering with the usual preliminaries. His Patron didn’t come immediately, he made Youko work at it, and after he’d come down Youko’s throat he looked at his watch before speaking almost dismissively.

“I don’t have time to play anymore. Arrange when you want to see my mother by Sunday, when we’ll be visiting Genkai-shihan - and yes, you can play in the forest once you’ve spent an hour sparring in human form. You can also tell me when you want to visit Go Salons, and if there’s any you prefer.”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama.” Youko had been used to Patrons leaving him wanting, in the days when he’d needed the protection they offered, but not because of something like this, because he’d stripped for them then pleasured them orally. Shuuichi hadn’t specifically forbidden affairs among his harem, but...

“Am I permitted to take pleasure with your other concubine?”

“Just remember that she’s teaching you as well.” Veiled permission, so once their Patron had gone he went to Asuka, and took her, ensuring that she enjoyed it too. If he hadn’t...he knew she’d never dare mess up his training since that would anger Shuuichi, but she could easily make it hard, and even shaming for him. But...the look of mixed surprise and gratitude in her eyes afterwards had made it worth pleasing her as well.


Their plans were disrupted on Sunday, the Tantei were assigned their first mission since Youko had been separated from Shuuichi. It was a fairly simple hunt and capture mission, with the slight twist that their target had fled into the ningenkai and managed to ingratiate himself with a gang of low powered demons, half-breeds and humans. The humans were the real problem, if it was just the demons and half-breeds they could use whatever methods they needed to, but the Reikai frowned on demons killing humans, even in self-defence. So they had to make sure it was always Yuusuke or Kuwabara facing and killing the humans, even though it all too obviously grated on Yuusuke’s pride and Kuwabara’s sense of honour to do that. It didn’t entirely make sense either, Yuusuke was the powerhouse of the five of them and Kuwabara could soak up damage every bit as well as a demon could besides having spiritual senses better than anything short of a Jaganshi like Hiei, physically both Youko and Shuuichi were the weakest of the five, but probably the most skilled in the use of their powers and Hiei tried not to use his powers, preferring ningen swordsmanship. They didn’t bother to plan besides deciding that, agreeing that the two humans working with them would kill the humans opposing them before facing any demons, and beyond Shuuichi telling him to fight as well as he could in human form, kissing him gently before they set out tracking their target.

Youko ended up walking beside Kuwabara somehow, and Shuuichi noticed it.

‘Convince him that his role is honourable, and important. It is, but he doesn’t quite see it that way.’

“Kuwabara-san?” He spoke quietly, Yuusuke’s senses, both physical and spiritual were barely more than standard human, so that was all he needed to do for discretion’s sake. Shuuichi and Hiei wouldn’t care about what he was going to say, but it might displease Yuusuke.

“What is it Youko?”

“You do realise that you’ll be the one dealing with most of the humans since we demons aren’t allowed to kill humans in the ningenkai?” In the Makai of course it would be different, any humans there were considered the rightful prey of any demon who could catch them.

“Not Yuusuke?” He sounded half surprised, and definitely suspicious.

“Yuusuke doesn’t have the senses to tell which are humans and which are demons beyond looking at the obvious signs, the externals. I and Shuuichi-sama will have to concentrate on the demons who look like demons mostly, we won’t have time to focus enough to tell more than power level, I expect Hiei will focus on the half-breeds since he isn’t permitted to kill humans, and Yuusuke will fight anyone who looks human, you’ll be the one who can tell which of the ones that look human actually are. Tell us when all the humans are dead, please.”

“When the humans are dead I’ll attack one who doesn’t look or feel human, how’s that sound?”

“Good, Kuwabara-san,” and he passed that information on to Shuuichi, “but if there isn’t a demon like that convenient?” Plan for as many contingencies as the human would let him; he knew that neither Kuwabara, nor Yuusuke liked making too many plans, even when they were needed.

“I’ll shout then, that there’s only demons left, or that the humans are gone.”

“Thank you, it saves us some worry.”

“You wouldn’t really get in trouble for killing humans on Reikai business, would you?” Kuwabara looked and felt anxious at the idea.

“No,” Youko didn’t even need Shuuichi’s orders to soothe him. “Koenma could smooth it over with the bureaucracy,’s easier if he doesn’t have to. If we demons can avoid killing humans where we can then it gives him more ammunition for when we do need to kill humans, and it makes it easier for him to get clearance for having any demons on our team, let alone demons working off their parole.”

“Oh.” There was no time for more conversation, they’d reached their target, and Youko could feel Shuuichi’s annoyance at how many there were in the gang, nearly fifty, half again the number Koenma had warned them about.

“Fifteen are human, the rest are half-breeds and full demons.”

“Thank you Kuwabara-san.” Youko smiled gratefully, pulling a rose seed from his hair, and creating his rose whip as Shuuichi created his own weapon. It wasn’t a whip this time Youko noted absently as they went into battle, it was a staff with a solid cutting edge connected to the end of the staff by a long vine, a bit like that weird weapon the half-breed used in that manga they’d read, Saiyuki. Shuuichi had blocked him off while he was training sometimes too, had he been experimenting with that even then? It didn’t matter, and not focusing on the fight would cost him, he quickly found himself seeing only his opponent of the moment, who he was fighting now, if anyone was trying to attack him from behind, and how he needed to attack, or defend next. And by the time he came out of combat trance there was no one left to kill.

“What kind of weapon was that Red?” Hiei had apparently decided to use their colouring to differentiate between them.

“Something I’ve been experimenting with for a while, in the waking world and in the dreamscape.” That must have been what he’d been doing during the times he hadn’t bothered with bedding Youko. “It’s called a shakujou.”

“Like from Saiyuki?”

“Yes, like that.” Shuuichi laughed at the disbelieving looks from the two humans. “It worked didn’t it? Almost as well as the whip. And I’ll get better with more practice.”

“As long as it works.” Hiei’s practical advice was the last thing before they broke up, Shuuichi taking Youko as soon as they made some privacy.


Shiori-sama had decided she wanted to see Youko on Mondays and Fridays, and she’d even told him that he’d be staying for dinner with her and Shuuichi one night a week. He hadn’t on Monday, instead Shiori-sama had insisted on buying him some more Western style clothes, saying they were more practical than his yukata. He’d talked her down to five outfits in total: a black dress; a blue blouse with a long grey skirt; a pale yellow sweater paired with a pair of black feminine dress pants; a black shirt and skirt and a red T-shirt and blue jeans as well as a pair of white trainers. Shuuichi had laughed when he’d heard about that, and told him to just wear what Shiori-sama had bought him when he was visiting her, that or something similar and had even gone so far as to bring some more T-shirts, blouses and skirts here for Youko yesterday, saying that if Asuka wanted any of them and he didn’t he could pass them on to her, if they fit. They weren’t anywhere near as comfortable as yukata, but if it pleased his Patron and Shiori-sama...

“Are you ready my pet?”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama.” His female disguise didn’t seem to do anything special for his Patron, although it didn’t turn him off either, so Youko had decided not to bother unless he was visiting Shiori-sama, or it was ordered, but the yukata did seem to be a turn on for him, as did the three informal kimono he’d brought with the additional Western clothes. Since he knew his Patron wouldn’t take him to anything but a very reputable Go salon Youko had dressed in the dark blue kimono and tied his hair into a tail at the nape of his neck.

He followed obediently, eyes cast down in submission, noting how to get to this particular salon again without being obvious about it. Not that he was discrete enough to avoid Shuuichi’s notice.

“As long as you’re back at the apartment in time for my visits then I don’t mind if you visit the Go salons I’ve taken you to by yourself. But only the Go salons I’ve taken you to.”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama.” That was another example of how much freedom Shuuichi gave him, Youko wondered if Shuuichi had even realised he was treating him more like a consort than a concubine. It gave him reasons for his irrational hopes. He shouldn’t feel the need for someone to protect him the way he did, but that was how he felt, and he seemed to have fixated on Shuuichi as that someone.

“Hello, when I asked about Go salons I was told this attracted some of the best players among the amateurs.”

“Yes, it is owned by Touya-Meijin, and his son plays here regularly. He’s over in that corner now.” Youko glanced over to see a young boy, perhaps ten years old, sitting alone and studying a goban intently. He looked a bit like Sai might have when he was younger, long before he came to court at Kyoto.

“Might I play against him Shuuichi-sama?”

“If he agrees. Will that be a problem?”

“You just have to pay the fee and write your name down here, but he’s a very strong player. What rank are you?”

“I’ll pay the fee for him.”

“I don’t know what rank I am. Other than Net-Go I’ve only played Go with a few people, they were very good, in the Heian era they’d have played Go at the Emperor’s court,” and they had but this human couldn’t know that, “but we never used rankings in Go.” Youko didn’t look up again, instead walking across to sit opposite Touya.

“Excuse me Touya-san. Might I play a game with you?”

“Yes, of course.” He was as almost unnaturally composed as Shuuichi had been. “How many stones do you want?”

“I don’t know. I have no idea where my skills fall relative to yours. Might we play an even game first, and then, if you feel I am worth playing against further you tell me how many stones I should place?”

“Very well. You can take black. Negiri.”

“Negiri.” Youko played his hardest, losing himself in the game the way he’d learned to with Sai.

“I lost by six moku didn’t I?”

“No, you forgot the komi, including that you lost by eleven and a half moku. Now...” Youko could see that Touya was about to start taking the game apart and telling him where he went wrong, and what might have been a better move.

“Wait, please, I didn’t make a kifu of this. Can you help me do that before we start on the analysis?” Youko pulled out a fresh Go record book as he spoke, and Touya pulled out his own.

“I usually write up my kifu later, but if you’d like.” They wrote the kifu up together, and Youko made as many notes on the post-match discussion as he could, ignoring the crowd gathered to watch them except for Shuuichi-sama.

“It’s time to go.”

“But I’d like to play him again sometime.” Youko hadn’t expected Touya to protest as he began gathering his things.

“I’ll bring him here on Wednesday every week if you want. And he can visit during school hours, except you won’t be available then, but he does have other commitments Touya-kun.”

“Then come again next week Youko-san. And I think you’re good enough to play against most pros on even terms, or at most placing one stone.”

“Thank you Touya-san.” Youko blushed and left with his Patron.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Very much, thank you Shuuichi-sama.”

“You earned it.”


It had been a quiet week, the only thing of note was that Youko’d finally thought to try the simpler task of hiding something with illusion, rather than creating a true illusion. And so he’d had a success to report to Shuuichi yesterday night.

“Well done my pet. It isn’t enough for me to feel the need to reward you or Asuka specially, but I got your third necklace today. Here.” The second necklace had been the gold foxhead almost matching Asuka’s silver. This one had a red gold fox and a white gold fox twined together with beryls and amber forming the eyes, the red gold fox clearly dominant. “It isn’t actually a custom piece, believe it or not.” Shuuichi’s voice invited Youko to share the humour. “I spotted it in a shop that sells antique jewellery, and I knew it was perfect for you.”

“Thank you Shuuichi-sama.” Youko hesitated, then reached up and kissed his Patron, as a sort of test, to see whether he would enjoy Youko showing a bit more in the way of initiative. Some Patrons had, but most hadn’t, and the ones who did weren’t really into the rough stuff, but...

“We have time for something quick I guess.” Shuuichi had laughed again. By the way, you won’t be going to teach Yukina tomorrow, or any Wednesday from now on. I’ve found you an accelerated course in basic Ikebana and it starts tomorrow. I’ll leave the address for you. You’ll need to dress as a female, since that’s how I registered you, and take some form of ID, just in case. You’ll also need a bag to carry your books since I told them to have the required booklist waiting for you.”

“Thank you Shuuichi-sama.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say, but he’d slid a hand down his Patron’s body, and began working his pants open while he hungrily kissed him. Shuuichi had decided to let him dominate the kiss
and the foreplay for some reason, Youko didn’t care why, only that it was important that he please Shuuichi.

Afterwards Shuuichi had gone to Asuka for some more lessons in shapeshifting, and she’d been so happy about the belt he’d given her, made of two silver chains woven together, one heavy and one lighter. Youko had been glad that it had pleased her, but it still bothered him a bit that she could be so happy because of something so small. He guessed it reminded him too much of how he’d once been. He dressed in his amber yukata and wore the gold foxhead, leaving with Asuka, and taking the time to explore the public gardens of the building where his lessons would be taking place before he had to report in. They were a bit too formal for his personal tastes, but beautiful, very elegant, and, for the most part they showed signs of good care. There were one or two plants that were struggling, and he gave them the benefit of an infusion of his ki, but he thought that was most likely because they were foreign plants, very much so and the climate conditions were against them.

The entire booklist turned out to consist of eleven books, large enough that he could barely get them all in his backpack, waiting for him at the reception desk. Their teacher was a tall man with hair the same shade as Shuuichi’s, who wore a gi and hakama and moved like a swordsman, albeit a lesser reflection of Hiei’s grace and control. But then...he was only human after all.

They started with an hour long theory lesson on the rules for two specific types of arrangements. After that they spent an hour learning how to judge the quality of various types of flowers, a more hands on lesson, and one they’d have repeated every week. Youko cheated a bit, using his ki to improve the flowers he picked out, rather than looking for the ones that were likely to last longest. This was followed by a second theory lesson, as long as the first, on the meanings of the flowers they could choose from that day. Of course he already knew the Makai meanings of those flowers common to both worlds, but he hadn’t known the ningenkai meanings. Apparently the students were allowed to take home the arrangements they made for each lesson, something else to carry. But...looking at the flowers they had available, and what they meant, Youko thought he could make an arrangement that would be appropriate for Asuka. They were given an hour to think about it over lunch, and then finally two hours to make their arrangements, with the teacher coming and looking over their shoulders to check on their work and sometimes correct the way a student was holding a flower.

“Fujimiya-sensei, I’m not sure that the message I’m sending with this arrangement is the one I want to send. Can you tell me how you’d interpret it?”

He looked over the half-completed arrangement, occasionally reaching out to touch a bloom gently, and tweak it into a slightly different position.

“It reads to me as if you’re trying to say ‘Thank you for your friendship and protection.’ Is that what you intended?”

“Not quite.” Youko frowned, and began taking the arrangement apart. “I was trying to say ‘In gratitude for what you’ve given me I offer you my friendship and protection.’ Am I trying to convey something too complicated here?”

“For a beginner, yes. What has the recipient given you?”

“She’s teaching art form.” That was probably the best way to describe it.

“My advice would be to make two smaller arrangements, one saying ‘Thank you for your teachings.’ and the other saying ‘I offer you my friendship and protection.’ Pick two smaller vases and start again.” As he spoke Fujimiya was swiftly separating the flowers into two piles, obviously one for each meaning.

Youko hesitated before obeying, picking up an obviously matched pair of small vases, remembering that at the start of the practical lesson he had been told he had the option of preparing two arrangements in a matched pair of vases. He’d decided against it because he was worried about carrying them home, but...

Fujimiya couldn’t find much to criticise in his final arrangements, but he had frowned suspiciously at the quality of the blooms. Youko just hadn’t been able to resist the temptation to use his ki to make his flowers healthier, and make sure they’d last longer. And he’d paid for a tray to carry the arrangements home on.


Youko hadn’t expected to come home from teaching Yukina and playing in Genkai’s forest to find Botan waiting for him. He realised then that they’d been criminally negligent when it came to the wards in his apartment - Shuuichi had already had a top of the line ningen alarm system installed, but no one had bother adding their own style of ward to the apartment at all. But then, they hadn’t bothered with putting wards on Shiori-sama’s house either, on the assumption that the lack of demonic energy and their disguise as humans would be a better way to keep her safe than drawing attention to themselves.

“What do you want Botan?” He didn’t need to hide his dislike of her, his Patron shared it at the moment, since her casual comments about using him as bait, and she’d been rude enough to invade his home.

“The demons who were behind separating you from Shuuichi in order to kidnap you still haven’t been found, and they haven’t made any efforts to get hold of you again, have they?”

“No. And you should already know that.” Because of the tracking device she’d installed in him two days after they’d been separated.

“Damn! We were hoping that it had malfunctioned or something. We’re getting nowhere and anything would be useful.” Youko was pretty sure that his Patron would be angry at the callous attitude implied by Botan’s words - he certainly was, and so his response was a bit less than diplomatic.

“I’m surprised you even care...after all it’s ‘just’ an attempt to enslave a demon. We were under the impression that the Reikai only cared about ningen.” His bitter words weren’t quite the truth, he knew that it was an exaggeration on his part, but not much of one - in large part it was true.

“They attacked one of Koenma-sama’s Tantei. We protect our own, or avenge them if we can’t.” Of course, Botan only cared because this was a threat to her precious Koenma’s, that wasn’t entirely fair, she did care about the Tantei team she’d been assigned to, but...

“Well, I don’t know why you’re talking to me about this. I’m a concubine, things like this aren’t any of my concern. You need to talk to Shuuichi-sama.”

“You don’t even know what I want!”

“It doesn’t matter what you want. I’m his property, I cannot answer to your commands unless he instructs me to.” Simple facts that she seemed to have forgotten - or never known.

“So you’ve been forbidden to leave here except on journeys he’s approved?”

“Not precisely, but I must be here when he returns, and he prefers to know where I’m going. He’s organised much of my week for me anyway.” Youko thought a description of what his Patron expected of him might distract Botan, and dissuade her from her plans, even though she had to already know about it. “Monday and Friday I visit Shiori-sama, staying for dinner with her and Shuuichi-sama on Friday.” So far anyway. “On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I accompany Asuka to Genkai-shihan’s temple, where I teach Yukina how to improve her strength and to cook Makai style meals.” Not that Asuka needed his escort, she managed just fine by herself on the other days. “And on Wednesday I attend a course in Ikebana, and then visit Touya-Meijin’s Go salon when Shuuichi-sama returns from school.” He frowned then. “And of course in the mornings, before I do any of that I do the grocery shopping. So you see, I do have plenty of opportunities to get out of the apartment, if that is what you were asking.”

“, not quite. The thing is...except for when you’re here or at Genkai’s temple you’re hiding your demonic energy very well, so the demons behind the kidnapping attempt don’t realise it’s you.”

“I’m not as skilled at that as Shuuichi-sama is, but I am good enough to pass for human almost perfectly. I did have some practice while Shuuichi-sama was growing up. Shuuichi-sama can suppress his aura much more precisely than I can - with me it’s either my aura displays that I have five tails, or I suppress it enough to pass for a human. He can appear to be human, a four-tail, or any level in between. But either way, I was ordered to pass for human, remember, you conveyed that message yourself.” Youko let all the resentment he’d felt at that fill his voice. The Reikai shouldn’t have the right to command him to hide his nature, only his Patron should have had that right.

“Yes...well, we wanted you to stop hiding your aura so well.”

“If Shuuichi-sama commands it I will obey, but he has not. I told you, this sort of thing is not something I have any right to make decisions on, or act upon myself.” He was being stubborn, and repetitive, but he didn’t seem to be getting through to her. But then....maybe he didn’t need to get through to her. Shuuichi liked him to be clean and smelling nice when he got here, even if he didn’t know when his Patron would arrive. He was understanding even if Youko wasn’t all clean and nicely scented, but he was gentler in bed if he was. Youko’s hair could do with a wash anyway and he’d lost whatever sense of modesty he had a long time ago.

Youko began stripping, unfastening his obi and dropping it to the floor, then letting his yukata slip from his shoulders to follow it. Akari could pick up after him, she always did, without complaining, but...he wasn’t going to strip quite naked in front of the ferry girl. She didn’t have the right to see him that way, and if Shuuichi turned out to be possessive that way, though he’d never shown signs of it before, he’d be in less trouble if he’d kept some things on. Instead he ignored her sputterings and went into the bathroom.

Shower first, cleaning his hair, shampoo and conditioner, not that it was entirely necessary since he’d used his ki to ‘persuade’ the plant matter caught in his hair to leave it, but it felt better, and silver hair does show every little bit of dirt. Youko looked longingly at the furo, before deciding that, no, he couldn’t use it now, not when he needed to dry his hair. Besides the water would still be cold, but he could start it heating up, for when Shuuichi returned.

Botan had already left by the time he came out of the bathroom anyway.


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