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FIC Patron 4

More of Patron - even if I didn't get any reviews for the last part

Title: Patron
Author: jessara40k
Rating: Somewhere between R and NC-17 at a guess
Category: No idea, you can tell me if you want
Summary: Shuuichi and Youko both exist in Shuuichi's bodies, they are lovers of sorts in their dreams, and are separated, but as a side effect of the spell used one of them ends up as the other's sex slave.
Notes/Warnings: Rape, slavery, bondage, lots of issues of consent, mention of torture

Youko was beginning to feel stupid - and bored too. It was becoming all too obvious that the time Shuuichi had told him to arrive here with Asuka was a lot earlier than when the rest of the Tantei were expected to arrive, and he should have realised that himself since only his Patron would have any interest in how Asuka’s abilities could be measured. He’d been working on his illusions for almost an hour before that even occurred to him, and now he was beginning to resent Genkai’s order to stay with Yukina. He could have enjoyed an hour or so in fox form before anyone else arrived, and it wouldn’t have shown when he turned back human - he’d have still been wearing the yukata and everything else involved in his disguise.

“Youko-san, I’m going to start lunch now. Would you care to help?”

“Yes, please Yukina-san. How many will we be cooking for?” It would be just like Yuusuke and Kuwabara to turn up just in time for a meal, especially Yuusuke, and for similar reasons to why Hiei would arrive to share a meal with Yukina any time he had a good enough excuse.

“Eight, I hope. We’ll see.”

“Yukina-san, if Genkai-shihan wishes to play a joke on Yuusuke and Kuwabara, or even just test their senses should you not avoid using my clan name in front of them?” Youko spoke as he followed the koorime to the kitchen.

“What should I call you then Youko-san?”

“Kaasan gave me a human name, Akari. Why did you think I was dressed as a woman Yukina-san? Shuuichi-sama doesn’t care about how it looks for him to have a male concubine, he isn’t infected with this ningen nonsense.” He laughed quietly at the idea of his Patron caring about human mores for any reason other than to please Kaasan. “What meal are we preparing Yukina-san? And what might I do to assist?”

“We’ll be doing a number of different dishes, Akari-san. With the appetites Hiei-san, Yuusuke-san and Kuwabara-san have we couldn’t possibly cook enough of one dish to satisfy them all. Can you grow some seasonings for us to use? They taste much better fresh. And some vegetables too if you don’t mind.”

“Why would I mind? Just tell me what you need. If you have any rabbits, or small game animals I can prepare some Makai dishes, or approximations thereof. Kaasan liked them when Shuuichi-sama prepared them for her.”

“Please do so, Akari-san. If you can catch them quickly, as most of the meat is in the freezer. I think Hiei-san would enjoy that. I’ve been concentrating on learning human recipes, and we koorime rarely used flame to prepare our meals anyway so I don’t know too many Makai recipes.”

“You can watch if you wish, or if Shuuichi-sama will permit it I could visit while he is in school and teach you, while Asuka studies with Genkai-shihan. She might prefer that to her original idea, since she seems to be fascinated with Asuka’s element.” Yukina had collected beef from the fridge as they were speaking, and Youko set the vegetables and seasonings to grow swiftly without him while he went looking for some small game, grabbing the excuse to use his fox form. He doubted that his dishes would remind Hiei of home, even if he didn’t know much about the other youkai’s past he did know that the fire youkai tended to just roast his meat with a blast of youki if he had it to spare, and eat it raw if he didn’t - a legacy of a life where, at least at first, he couldn’t afford to betray his position with a fire, no matter how well hidden it was, Youko assumed.

He managed to catch two rabbits swiftly enough, using the grass to help by tangling around their legs holding them in place for him to break the necks with one swift bite and returned to the kitchen so he could prepare them. His plants had no aversion to offal, not the way humans did, so he packed the parts he couldn’t use in the recipe into a plastic bag before he turned to Yukina.

“Yukina-san, could you freeze this so that I can take it home for my plants?”

“Of course. Here, I’ll put it in the freezer for when you leave. But, for your plants?”

“I use carnivorous plants to light and heat our apartment, it feels better than using ningen methods. And it works better as well.”

“I see, Akari-san.” That was the last thing they spoke about until they’d finished cooking and Yukina went for Genkai.


Youko froze for a second as he brought one tray through to the main room when he saw Shuuichi waiting there with the rest of the Tantei. he hadn’t sensed his Patron. The others, yes, but not his Patron and that was wrong, if anything it should have been the other way around.

“A beautiful woman like you shouldn’t have to carry a heavy tray like that. I, Kuwabara, will take it for you.” And the redhead immediately stood to carry the tray to the table for him. “What is your name beautiful one?” Youko was not going to laugh at Kuwabara, who was probably the most honourable of the Tantei, not even when he staggered under the - obviously unexpected - weight of the tray.

“Akari.” He bowed his head, to hide the fact that he was biting his lip in an effort not to laugh. He’d seen how silly Kuwabara got around women, but he’d never expected to have it directed at him. “Thank you. I can get the other tray if you’re taking this one.” He turned to go before he lost control and actually did laugh at the ningen - who didn’t deserve it.

“You shouldn’t have to. Urameshi, a real man would offer to help her.” At least Yuusuke didn’t move, he knew better than to assume girls were weak.

“She doesn’t need my help, she’s a demon, she’s probably stronger than you are.” Youko heard that as he left, and wondered if Kuwabara had thought he was human. “Anyway, you don’t do that for Yukina.”

He snorted as he passed out of earshot. Yukina had the sense to split the meals up onto three or four trays - and besides Hiei would probably kill Kuwabara if he took too many ‘liberties’ with his sister. Not that either of them understood what Kuwabara was after on more than an intellectual level - and he doubted Yukina even understood it that much. He wasn’t being fair, he knew. It wasn’t as if sex was the only thing Kuwabara wanted, or even the most important thing; he really did love Yukina, it just wasn’t in any way she could understand, because sexual desire was part of that love.

Youko met Yukina on his way back from the kitchen with the second tray.

“Oh! Akari-san, you should have waited for me to get back and help. And you shouldn’t carry so much at once.”

“I’m just lazy enough to prefer making two trips with heavy trays to six or more with the lighter trays you wanted.” Youko shrugged, careful not to tilt the tray. It wasn’t actually that heavy, Shuuichi had fought in the Dark Tournament with a weight heavier than the tray attached to each limb. “And it isn’t as if I need to pass as human here. They aren’t that heavy to me.”

“It looks heavy, Akari-san.”

“It is heavy, Yukina-san. And if you’d waited I’d have carried it for you.” Youko let Kuwabara take the tray from him without protest. He knew that Yuusuke wouldn’t have found it heavy, but most ningen would have had to carry it as a pair. He tended to forget that koorime weren’t actually that much stronger than ningen on a physical level, because Hiei was as strong as he was.

‘I forgot, koorime tend not to be naturally much stronger than ningen. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, Yukina.’ He had a moment to decide between paying attention to what was being said aloud, and starting a second mental conversation with his Patron. The second option won out, it had to, he knew that his master had been puzzling over what Hiei’s father might be for a while. ‘Shuuichi-sama?’

‘You didn’t embarrass me Youko-san.’ Yukina was quick to reassure him. ‘I was always a bit stronger than the other koorime, even though I’m smaller, but I’m not strong enough to fight the way you Tantei do. When would it be a good time to ask if you can come and teach me about Makai cooking, do you think?’

‘What is it Youko? What do you have to say that you can’t let anyone else hear?’

‘After Genkai finishes her little joke, and the ningen realise who I am. But I should ask him telepathically first, it would be a bad idea to surprise him with the suggestion. Would you like me to help you improve your strength then as well?’

‘A few things. You wondered about Hiei’s father, considering how strong he is, physically, and that Yukina just told me she’s stronger than most koorime that way, he has to be from a race that tends towards more natural strength than most. Also, she wants me to teach her to cook Makai dishes, and possibly improve her strength, while you’re at school. Should I tell her to ask?’

‘Please. I sometimes wish...’ But Yukina was too polite to complain about the restrictions she had to accept to live in the ningenkai, at least to Youko.

‘Tell her she can ask when the ningen figure out that you belong to me. That was a good idea you had. I don’t think we ever had much to do with koorime, so it didn’t stick that they’re not that much stronger than humans. You might want to start paying attention to the verbal conversation some time soon. I can’t cover for you all the time.’

‘You can ask him when it comes out who I am.’ He hastily ended his conversation with Yukina, and glanced up from the food he’d been eating on autopilot. He’d been luxuriating in the casual way Shuuichi was petting his pony-tail from time to time, and pulling it forward over his right shoulder for easier access, but he only now noticed the equally casual touches their Patron was giving Asuka’s braid where she sat on his right. Both gestures were a display of control, as well as affection, but the boys didn’t seem to realise that.

“...dishonourable, cheating on Youko like that.”

“Yeah, Kurama. I get you need Asuka to teach you things Youko didn’t learn, even if I don’t get why he didn’t learn them. But do you have to sleep with her to get that? And Akari...” Yuusuke trailed off, sudden realisation dawning in his eyes, “Akari is Youko, isn’t he? What’s with the cross-dressing? And why didn’t you say something?”

“We were waiting for you to figure it out, Dimwit. It took you long enough.”

“Kaasan wanted a daughter.” Youko shrugged as he spoke, glancing at Shuuichi to confirm that it was alright to tell the others about it. “And I’ve done this before.”

“I bedded Asuka because it was the only way to complete my claim on her as my concubine. Some types of slave are bound magically as well as legally, and some aren’t. When I bought her she was the second type, now she’s the first.” Shuuichi sounded like he was giving a lecture on the subject. “To balance the effects of the bond I can’t sell her, or actually kill her, when I get tired of her I’m obliged to free her. Other types of bond can be transferred, this one can’t, so it’s a semi-permanent arrangement. If it was shorter term she’d be a courtesan, but my obligations would be pretty much the same, with the addition that I’d have to pay her.”

“Kurama-san, Youko mentioned that he could teach me how to cook Makai dishes, and improve my strength while you were at school. Would you mind?”

“Not this Friday, he’s coming to dinner with Kaasan and me - and she invited me to bring Asuka along as well. And if Kaasan wants to spend time with him that comes first.”

“Not before Asuka’s training. She’ll be training with me while Akari works with Yukina.”

“As you wish Genkai-shihan, but on Sundays she will be teaching us the kitsune abilities we never learned before we died.”

“Then I could concentrate on the Dimwit...that would work.” This seemed like the best time to bring it up, so...

“Shuuichi-sama, might I explore the forest in fox form while you are training?”

“You’ll spar against me for an hour. If you do well enough you can go and play. You can take your humanoid form for our spar if you want, I know I will. But you do need to learn how to fight in human form as well.”

“Dressed like this?”

“You only actually need to look female when you’re visiting Kaasan, or using the IDs and other stuff that ties into the computer systems. And you are allowed to buy clothes you can fight in if you don’t want to make them.”

“I-I thought...” He couldn’t work out what to say.

“Kaasan assumed things. But you’d best look female if we’re out on a date.”

“Yes Shuuichi-sama.” If his Patron wanted to show him off that meant, but it was a good feeling, knowing that Shuuichi thought he was worth displaying.


He was wearing a yukata, again, plain and dark red this time, but he wore zori, and he didn’t bother with the false breasts, make-up, or doing anything with his hair. He didn’t have to pretend around Yukina, and that was a relief, as well as a chance to get more used to wearing human form for fighting, but his Patron’s choice of clothing for him wasn’t best suited for fighting in. He had to get to work on making some clothes that he could fight in, for both his human and his half and half forms. That or buy something that would work. He frowned as he made his way up the steps to Genkai’s temple, there were feminine clothes that he’d be able to fight in, but he’d probably have to buy them on account, and that meant he’d have to explain it to Shuuichi.

No, he wouldn’t, Shuuichi had already given him permission to buy fighting gear, he just forgot because all his previous Patrons had required him to dress with an emphasis on how he looked - and they never gave him as many clothes as Shuuichi had. The yukata Shuuichi had him wear weren’t even that revealing, they just lent themselves well to cross-dressing. It had been a surprise since when he’d been living in Shuuichi’s dreamscape all he’d been permitted to wear were a few scraps of silk, less than any previous Patron had him wear routinely, and even that only when Shuuichi bothered dressing him.

He shook his head, dismissing the differences between the way Shuuichi treated him in the dreamscape, and the way he treated him in the waking world. It wasn’t something he needed to think about, and besides he needed to focus on helping Yukina. Shuuichi had promised to find someone who’d make an armoured vest to Yukina’s measurements, and have it delivered to Genkai’s temple, and that would be a start in strength training on a physical level, along with magically weighted wristbands and anklets later on, after he’d had the chance to make a shopping trip to the Makai, if Shuuichi would permit, and could arrange it. He hadn’t used those methods to increase his strength, but he’d seen other demons use them, and ningen too, so they should be effective.

“Hello Youko-san. Asuka-san, Genkai-shihan is waiting for you behind the temple.”

“Thank you Yukina-san.” The vixen left to find her teacher, leaving Youko behind with Yukina.

“What do you want to do first Yukina-san? Learn how to cook a Makai meal - or at least a meal like I used to prepare - or start working on improving your strength?”

“Genkai-shihan will be expecting a meal around noon, could we prepare whatever you plan to teach me for then?” Yukina seemed to enjoy doing these things for Genkai, she acted as if it was just fair repayment for the shelter and protection the psychic offered. He’d told her that his recipes favoured small game animals, so they’d have more than enough time to do strength exercises in the four hours before they needed to have a meal ready.

“We can spend three hours working on your strength then, even that’s stretching it a bit, but part of that will be measuring you for an armoured vest. Wearing it will help you with strength training, and it will also be useful as a measure of protection if you think you need it. What sort of meat do you have?” It would be a lot easier for him to grow the appropriate plants if he could allow a slower ki-feed to them, over three hours or so.

“You said small game animals, and then you mentioned the sort of thing any fox might catch, so I thought...mice, Youko-san?”

“That will be nice Yukina-san.” He stopped to plant the appropriate seasonings and other plants that would work with the mice, he wasn’t sure which dish he wanted to use, so he prepared for all the possibilities. “Humans have such strange ideas on what it’s appropriate to eat, and what they shouldn’t eat. They act as if eating mice is below them or something. I remember how upset Kaasan was when we prepared a meal for her using rat meat.”

“Didn’t it taste good?”

“We thought it did. You’re sure Genkai-shihan won’t mind eating mice?”

“She suggested the mice Youko-san. Can we work on my strength here?” They’d reached the edge of the forest while they were speaking, Youko hadn’t noticed.

“If you want. There’s two aspects to strength for anyone who can use their energy properly. There’s pure physical strength, based on muscle mass and density, and then there’s the ability to use ki or youki to merge with the physical to strengthen it, or increase speed, or that sort of thing. Kitsune are naturally quite a bit stronger than humans on a purely physical level, so I’m not really as good at using my youki to reinforce my strength as Yuusuke and Kuwabara are, especially since all of my training focused on my plants - and on how good things look.” Yes, it was vanity, but looking good at all times had been ingrained into him by the three hundred years he’d spent as a concubine after his clan perished, and it was something kitsune tended towards anyway. “But I do know the basics.” He focused and let all the physical reinforcement he was using - which wasn’t much at the moment - drop away. “For the physical, I know a few exercises that will work, and others that should be coupled with them to improve speed and flexibility, and constantly wearing or carrying weights works as well. For the other, look at me, with your senses as well as your eyes, and then try to form your youki into the same sort of patterns as mine.”

Yukina obeyed, she didn’t do very well, but they spent an hour working on that, followed by an hour of the physical strength exercises, like push ups, curls, lunges and other things, and finally they went back to the temple so he could spend an hour measuring her, fully and precisely.


‘I want you to look like a female when I get to your apartment. I should be there in half an hour.’ Youko started from his efforts to create an illusory goban when his master contacted him. He didn’t understand, not that he needed to, all he had to do was obey but still...

‘Do you want me to wear make-up as well Shuuichi-sama?’ He’d asked Himura if he really needed the make-up to look feminine, he’d always tended towards the androgynous, it was a trait all kitsune shared. She’d said no, but it would be good for formal occasions. That was why he’d worn it on Sunday, along with one of the two embroidered yukata Shuuichi had bought him. He’d just used one of the six plain yukata to meet with Kaasan because he’d wanted so much to be accepted as part of her family.

‘As long as you look female I don’t care. But I’m taking you to be fitted for two formal kimono, the tailor told me that he’s reached the stage where he needs to measure you.’ He hadn’t expected that, and he began desperately calculating whether or not he’d be able to get a shower before his Patron arrived. If he was quick he could manage it. He knew that formal kimono were expensive even when they were just bought off the shelf, what must it be costing for his Patron to have two custom made for him?

Once he’d finished cleaning himself he decided not to put the red yukata back on, leaving it and the black obi that he’d worn with it for Asuka to wash. Instead he pulled his violet yukata over his body, arranging it and tying the purple obi to hide the fact that his curves were faked. He had just enough time to at least do his eyes and lips, he judged, he didn’t want to look as if he didn’t care about appearing pleasing for his master, that would reflect badly on Shuuichi. He was just glad he’d removed his nail polish the night before, it had been the wrong colour to work with the yukata and it had chipped far too easily, there had to be some trick he’d missed somewhere.

“You look good, my pet. And it’s interesting that you chose the violet. That’s the colour of one of the two kimono I’m having made for you.”

“Thank you, Shuuichi-sama. Will there be any trouble because I’m not really female?”

“No, I’m paying enough that he’ll keep quiet about it, besides I found him through a yakuza contact.” Shuuichi picked up Youko’s geta and held them out for him before getting his own shoes.

“Oh, so he’s not going to risk gossiping about you.” Youko bit his lip as he realised that he might have been indiscrete, and prepared to follow two steps behind his master through the streets. He didn’t expect to be grabbed by the wrist and pulled forward to walk beside Shuuichi, but it wasn’t something he’d challenge.

“By the way, how are your lessons going?” Youko bit his lip nervously, this was getting into dangerous territory, Shuuichi had not been happy with Youko’s rate of progress in learning how to create things within the dreamscape, and he seemed to have completely mastered the art of creating illusions, to almost any size and complexity. Youko’s illusions still didn’t look that much like what they were supposed to be, but there was one thing he’d managed that would appease his Patron, he hoped. He lifted his free hand and focused on creating the illusion of a small imp in it, letting just enough additional youki slip into it to form a false signature, before handing it over to his master.

“Should I recognise the species?” Youko flushed at the dry tone in Shuuichi’s voice, but at least he couldn’t sense any contempt. In fact there was a thin thread of approval there.

“No, I’m not good enough to get something like that right yet, but...” If he had to say it then that meant...

“You have succeeded in simulating a ki-signature, I noticed. It isn’t very good, it reads almost like an incompetent attempt at disguising a signature, but it makes up for a lot. You did well.” Youko found himself preening under that little bit of praise. There hadn’t been anyone who mattered to him enough for their praise to have any value for so long...not since his clan had died, not really. Once or twice he’d cared what his Patrons thought of him, but not after he’d realised all they ever valued in him was how good he was to show off, or fuck. “What sort of reward would you like?”

That was such a shock that he stopped dead in the street, staring at his master. None of his Patrons had ever asked him that sort of question. When they felt it was worth rewarding him - which was rare enough, perhaps once a decade if that - they would just give him a piece of jewellery, or some new fancy clothes, they’d never think about what he’d like. And Shuuichi was already spending a lot on him. He knew that ningen felt they needed more things than most youkai did, but still...

He didn’t move until Shuuichi pulled him to start moving again. “Why are you so surprised? Gaining more power isn’t its own reward for you like it is for me. And I didn’t expect you to try this until you’d mastered the other aspects, that earns you something you’d enjoy.”

“I’ve never had a Patron ask me what I’d like before. Might I have some kifu papers, and notebooks? You can get them from the Go Institute, I checked.” What he really wanted was a goban, but considering that even a cheap folding goban cost 10 000 yen or more he wasn’t going to ask. Shuuichi looked at him curiously when he heard what Youko wanted, but he still agreed.

“If Kaasan’s happy with her new ‘daughter’ on Friday I’ll take you to visit some Go Salons once a week.”


Youko hadn’t expected this, and he gazed at the work the sturdy tailor had brought out in astonishment. There were two obi, each with a pattern woven into them, one of violet vines on a soft blue background and the other of blue roses woven into a shade of grey something like the feathers of a pigeon. Those weren’t too surprising, even if he hadn’t expected patterns so precisely themed to his powers, and one of the kimono was just as normal, a single under-kimono in a dusky pink, like one of his yukata, and the over-kimono in violet with pink rose vines woven into the silk, both partially made up, but clearly incomplete - the blue obi went with that kimono. It was the other kimono that was the shock. There were four under-kimono, in alternating shades of blue and grey, from white, through a really pale grey, to the slightly darker ice blue, and finally a dove grey that was still paler than the sky blue of the over-kimono - embroidered with silver foxes - and it felt as if the thread was made of silver, or white gold, it was heavy enough, and the outfit would be completed with the grey obi, the darkest part of the costume. Everything was made of silk, the heaviest used for the obi and over-kimono, a lighter silk for the dusky pink under-kimono and the lightest and finest of all for the other under-kimono.

“They’re beautiful.” And they were. Youko could hardly imagine when he’d be somewhere important enough for him to wear them, and Shuuichi wasn’t the sort who liked seeing his property dressed up just for him. He could wear the lesser kimono - although it was only lesser in comparison to the blue kimono - to Kaasan’s wedding, but the other would mean he overshadowed the most important person there. “But...I don’t have the faintest idea of how to put them on properly.” He turned to his master, deliberately letting his eyes go wide and helpless, hoping that it would amuse Shuuichi rather than anger him.

It did, his Patron laughed and kissed him. “That’s one reason you’re here now. Do you have someone to help my concubine into his new kimono for the final fitting, or are you going to do it yourself?” He turned to look at the tailor with unconscious arrogance.

“I can do it, or one of my daughters can, whichever you feel more comfortable with.”

‘Which would you prefer my pet?’ Youko hadn’t expected to hear a question like that from his Patron. He knew that he no longer had the right to decide who saw his body and who didn’t, that was his Patron’s now.

‘Whoever would be better at it.’ He made the only practical decision; he knew he couldn’t use his telekinesis to help himself get dressed here, but hopefully he’d learn what was right now.

“I hardly need to worry about you taking him from me. Competence matters most. Now start the fitting.” The tailor seemed to decide something about how to treat Youko then.

“Yes, sir. If you would undress?” He was polite in addressing Youko, but totally impersonal, and he must have concluded that fitting the kimono in front of Shuuichi was the best way to avoid trouble. Youko agreed with him, and obeyed swiftly - it wasn’t as if he expected anyone to believe he had a sense of modesty.

They started with the blue and grey outfit, and Youko had to endure the tailor fitting and pining at each layer, still he was sure he’d be able to replicate this with his telekinesis, and if he couldn’t Shuuichi would have to find some way for Asuka to learn how to help him. Kimono weren’t a kitsune style of dress, so he doubted she would already know what to do, although she could have learned in that brothel. When he was dressed he turned to his Patron, instead of looking for a mirror. It wasn’t his opinion that mattered after all.

“You look delicious, but you’ll need to practise with the sleeves.” They were awkward, and Youko bowed his head in acknowledgement. “Fit the other one now.”

That was approved as well, and as Youko was getting dressed again in his yukata Shuuichi turned to the tailor again.

“Now, where is the selection of fabrics I asked for?”

“If you’ll come with me sir?” Youko followed a few steps behind when Shuuichi gave him an expectant look. The room they were brought to was filled with bolts of silk in different shades of turquoise, mostly tending towards the blue end of the spectrum, and just a touch darker than the grey of the obi to the more elaborate costume.

“Pick whichever colour you want for your haori, my pet.” Youko glanced at Shuuichi in disbelief, his newest Patron kept on giving him freedoms no other had, and still dominating him like no other. He quickly shook it off, and turned to the silks, finally deciding on a shade that looked like peacock feathers - usually a greeny blue, but almost purple when the light hit it right.

“Good choice. I want a five-tailed kitsune embroidered on the inside of the haori, in the same thread as the foxes on the blue kimono.”

“Yes sir.” And other than a few formalities that was that.


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